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Bangkok has been on the travel list of almost every traveler. The city has plenty to offer in terms of history, architecture, shopping and entertainment, making it the ideal blend of tradition and cosmopolitan lifestyles. A definite mention in this roster of activities and experiences is Dream World, a vast child-friendly amusement park. Dream World is home to a variety of rides and attractions, catering to children across all age groups, making it an excellent place to spend a fun Saturday afternoon. Book Dream World Bangkok tickets today and enjoy a day of adventure and thrill.

Post-COVID-19 Safety Measures at Dream World Bangkok

Here's what you need to know to visit the amusement park:

  • Dream World Bangkok tickets are now available online. Guests are recommended to pre-book their tickets online to ensure contactless experiences.
  • Dream World is now operating at reduced capacity to ensure smaller crowds
  • Social distancing of at least 2 m is mandatory between visitors
  • Guests are advised to wear masks wherever possible in the amusement park
  • All touchpoints and rides are being regularly sanitized and disinfected

All Your Dream World Bangkok Tickets Options

dream world bangkok tickets

Thai Residents

Enjoy a day of family fun at Dream World Bangkok. These tickets are exclusively for Thai residents and include four variant passes to choose from: the Super Saver, Dream World Visa, Dream World Super Visa, and the Super Saver Ticket + Snow Town pass. These Dream World Bangkok tickets include a 1-day entrance ticket, with optional upgrade to include unlimited rounds on rides or entry to Snow Town.

dream world bangkok tickets

Foreign Residents

If you’re visiting Bangkok on a holiday, these tickets are ideal for you. Specifically for foreign visitors, these Dream World Bangkok tickets include three variants: with Rides, Dream World + Water Fun + Snow Town, and Dream World with rides + Water Fun. Inclusions are 1-day entry to the theme park along with re-entry on all rides, along with the option to upgrade to Snow Town or Water Fun.

dream world bangkok tickets

Combo Offer

If you’re looking to cover two major attractions in Bangkok at a lesser price, opt for a combo offer. Not only do you get entry into Dream World, but to KidZania, a miniature town for children, as well. These tickets include access to all rides in Dream World and to primary attractions at KidZania in Bangkok. These tickets are exclusively for foreign residdents in Bangkok.

Dream World Bangkok Tickets Discounts

Foreign Residents: Children under 90 cm height can enter for free, while those between 90-140 cm in height enjoy reduced pricing.

Thai Residents: Children under 90 cm height can enter for free.

Things To Do At Dream World Bangkok

This theme park has a vast roster of rides and attractions for a fun family day. If you want to know more about Dream World Bangkok rides and attractions, read on:

dream world bangkok rides - cable car

Cable Car

Soak in the fantastic view from the top! Take the cable car at Dream World and travel from one end of the amusement park to another. The entire park and all of its rides and visitors can be viewed from the top.

dream world bangkok rides - sky coaster

Sky Coaster

If you like roller coaster rides, this one is for you. Instead of the comfort of an enclosed seating arrangement, this roller coaster is a bottomless ride with a simple seat and seatbelt! Hold on to your hair for this one.

dream world bangkok rides - tornado


Soar at a height of about 7 building storeys and travel at a speed of 75 km/h on the Tornado ride. A donut-shaped seating arrangement is attached like a hammer head to a lever, leaving you with more than some fun screams.

dream world bangkok rides - grand canyon

Grand Canyon

This ride puts all other water park rides to shame. On the Grand Canyon, you’ll be seated on a raft shaped like a circular pod and will bump, twist and turn as you spin past the wild water. You’re sure to be soaked by the end.

dream world bangkok attractions - animal farm

Animal Farm

Both children and adults are in for a treat at the Animal Farm. Enjoy a lovely meet-and-greet with some friendly animals and birds here. Get the chance to get up close with rare birds, teacup pigs, deer and other animals.

dream world bangkok attractions - dream garden

Dream Garden

After a long, exciting day, head to Dream Garden to unwind and have a leisurely time. Relax by the lake and enjoy the bright, comfortable ambiance of your surroundings. You can also stop and grab a bite to eat here.

Plan Your Visit

Opening Hours
Getting There
What are Dream World Bangkok opening hours?

Dream World Bangkok is open every day of the week from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

What is the best time to visit Dream World Bangkok?

Since Bangkok is a popular tourist destination, you will almost always find crowds here. You may find relatively smaller crowds in November, or between January to April.

How long will I spend at Dream World Bangkok?

The amusement park is massive and full of rides and attractions. If you're planning a visit to Dream World Bangkok, ideally, you should set aside at least 5-7 hours of a day to cover all the major rides here.

Where is Dream World Bangkok located?

Dream World Bangkok is located at Dream World 62 Moo 1 Rangsit-Ongkharak Road (km.7) Thanyaburi, Pathumthani 12130.
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How do I get to Dream World Bangkok?

You can use public transport options like the bus or metro to get to Dream World Bangkok, or drive down; a drive would take you about 40-45 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Can I take the train or bus to Dream World Bangkok?

Yes. If you plan to take the bus, 55, 188, 212 and 340 will take you to Dream World, and if you take the train, 318 and 342 will take you.

Is Dream World Bangkok wheelchair accessible?

Yes, various steps have been taken to ensure that differently-abled individuals enjoy at Dream World.

Is storage facility available at Dream World Bangkok?

Yes, locker space is available at the information center at Dream World Bangkok, but not for large luggage.

Are dining options available at Dream World Bangkok?

Yes, dining options are available at Dream World. There is a KFC, Yam Yam, and a food court with various restaurants and fast food joints. 

Dream World Bangkok Tickets FAQs

Is Dream World Bangkok open to visitors now?

Yes, Dream World Bangkok is now open to visitors.

What safety measures are in place at Dream World Bangkok?

Guests can now book their tickets online to ensure a contactless experience. Moreover, the theme park has reduced visitor capacity to avoid over crowding. Social distancing is also mandatory between visitors, and the park is being regularly sanitized and disinfected.

Are Dream World Bangkok tickets available online now?

Yes, you can now pre-book your tickets online.

What are the different Dream World Bangkok tickets options?

The ticket types are divided between Thai residents and Foreign visitors. Based on this, you can book your tickets.

Are any discounts available on Dream World Bangkok tickets?

Yes. Children under 90 cm height enjoy free entry into the park.

What are Dream World Bangkok opening hours?

Dream World Bangkok is open every day between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

What is the best time to visit Dream World Bangkok?

The best time to visit Dream World Bangkok would be between between October-November and January to April.

How do I get to Dream World Bangkok?

You can drive down, or take the bus/metro to get to Dream World Bangkok.

Can children go on the rides at Dream World Bangkok?

Yes, children of all ages can go on rides at Dream World Bangkok. Different rides have been designed for all age groups.

Is Dream World Bangkok wheelchair accessible?

Yes, differently-abled visitors can visit and enjoy at Dream World Bangkok.